GEDU Educational Services

Growing by Education!

GEDU Educational Services was founded in Istanbul as ACCEPT Educcational Services, Turkey in 2008 with the mission of helping students with accurate, practical and most importantly necessary information on prestigious educational institutions abroad. In 2018 GYG GLOBAL has incorporated ACCEPT brand and changed its name as GEDU. With its dynamic and innovative organizational structure, GEDU Educatioanal Services has become a highly-respected and well-known educational consulting company for those seeking assistance with their overseas education and careers.

GEDU also provides marketing services to international partners/schools to promote their educational programs with a variety of comprehensive methods including educational fair representations, preparation and distribution of informational materials, print media and web advertising services, translation services, visiting local schools and universities and organizing seminars, managing business transactions and providing logistics support to partner organization/school representatives.

GEDU has 3 offices in Turkey, 1 office in Azerbeijan, 1 office in Ireland.

  • Istanbul Besiktas Office (Turkey): +90 544 243 243 9
  • Istanbul Kadikoy Office (Turkey): +90 552 453 243 9
  • Izmir Office (Turkey): +90 552 498 07 09
  • Ireland Office (Dublin): +353 83 052 9690
  • Baku Office (Azerbeijan): +99 455 722 33 13

GEDU provides services to hundred of students every year in the frame of educational and cultural exchange programs in USA, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Slovenia, Hungary, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Austuria, Czech Reuplic and Malta all the year around.

Our Programs:

Language Education Programs

  • Work and Study Programs
  • Language Training Programs
  • Summer Camps – Winter Camps (7-17 years)

Academic Programs

  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Master Programs
  • Diploma & Certificate Programs

Exchange Programs

  • Camp and Travel Summer Program in the US
  • Traineeship (Internship/PCT) Program
  • Summer Work Germany Program

Training Programs

  • Ausbildung in Germany
  • Pilotage Training in USA

GEDU is a brand of GYG Global Egitim Danismanlik Limited Sirketi.